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Our knowledgeable staff understands the many factors that influence a wine’s quality, including climate, corks, sulphites and more. The Wine Shoppe offers the wine making supplies Kamloops wine enthusiasts need to create exceptional wines at home. Both beginners and practiced winemakers enjoy trying their hand at popular varietals with our complete wine kits and whether you’re just trying a new hobby or refining your winemaking skills, you’ll enjoy learning about and trying our high quality equipment and accessories such as aerators, filters and carboys to store your new wine. Talk to our staff to learn more about:

Factors That Affect Aging

Allowing your wine time in the cellar gives the elements of your wine – fruit, acid, oak and tannins – a chance to integrate and develop balance, producing the best taste. These guidelines will help you age your wine effectively.


Exposure to light, especially ultraviolet, causes chemical reactions that deteriorate your wine, especially white wines and champagnes. Your cellar should be kept dark when not in use.


The relative humidity in your cellar should range between 50-70%. If your cellar is too dry, the cork in your wine can dry out and allow air into the bottle; too much moisture (over 70%) can result in mould growth which can destroy wine.


Consistent temperature is key to aging – keep your cellar between 12-15°C so that your wine can age steadily.


Synthetic corks prevent leakage and random oxidation and are good for storage from 1-5 years. Agglomerated corks work when aging wine up to a year. Ask your retailer for recommendations.


If aging longer than 6 months, add ¼ teaspoon of extra sulphites to help preserve wine from spoilage and oxidation.


Wines, especially high-end, heavy reds, shed some tannins during aging. Vibrations prevent sediment from settling, causing haze or “floaties.”

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